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Trevian invests in energy efficiency

Trevian Asset Management Oy is specialized in commercial real estate investments and asset management and has an Asset Management Agreement with Carlyle regarding its Finnish assets. The energy consumption of these 22 assets decreased during 2015 due to e.g. energy efficiency improvement actions. Heating consumption decreased seven percent and electricity consumption decreased over five percent, resulting in over 100.000 € annual savings. Savings were born without physical investments, but were achieved via optimizing technical systems and via active energy management.

Trevian Asset Management Oy is also responsible for the technical management of the portfolio. The main technical service provider is Corbel Oy, who is committed to actively follow the energy consumption of each asset by taking necessary actions on deviations and if needed by utilizing specialists to resolve issues. The objective is to further decrease consumption by investing in energy efficiency and energy management. The plan is also to affiliate in government-driven energy efficiency program (TETS), which in practice means continuous energy consumption monitoring and improvement.

The costs for energy in buildings account for a major part of the operating expenses. Via investing in energy efficiency, the NOI (net operating income) and the value will increase without jeopardizing the condition. Simultaneously the burden on the environment due to lesser energy usage may decrease. In the future, the plan is to have remote system monitoring on each site. This will allow tackling deviations much faster. There are also other projects on-going to achieve energy optimization.  Energy efficiency is a very important aspect in asset management, but even more important is tenants, who are satisfied with the premises and their condition. We have noticed that nearly all technical system adjustments have a positive impact on tenant conditions.

For further info:
Trevian Asset Management Oy
Antti Venermo, Portfolio Manager p. 040 507 5943, email: antti.venermo@trevian.fi
Vesa Klemettilä, Technical Manager, p. 050 487 2266, email: vesa.klemettila@trevian.fi

Corbel Oy
Timo Kankaanranta, Business Unit Director, p. 040 183 0710, email: timo.kankaanranta@corbel.fi
Mari Rajaniemi, Energy Coordinator, p. 040 637 7326, email: mari.rajaniemi@corbel.fi


Trevian Asset Management is a Finnish investment and asset management company specializing in commercial properties. The company produces actively managed real estate equity funds and asset management services optimized for its customers with current assets under management of almost EUR 850 million. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks and other professional investors. For more information, please visit www.trevian.fi.