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Trevian’s Move attracts companies back to the challenging Pitäjänmäki area in Helsinki

The Move office property in Helsinki has completed a comprehensive space renovation, strengthened its services, and attracted companies to the challenging Pitäjänmäki office area. Trevian Asset Management is responsible for the development and leasing of Move and started managing the property in the summer of 2022. The property’s active development, numerous renovations, and improved transport connections have been critical factors in Move’s growth. Long-term cooperation agreements with Compass Group’s restaurant services and sports center operator Elixia significantly strengthen services that support the tenants’ well-being.

Move is a modern office building in the Pitäjänmäki area in Helsinki with six floors and two wings along the new light rail line 15. During 2023, Move went through a comprehensive renovation and modernization of services and facilities, thanks to which the office property located in a particularly challenging area of Pitäjänmäki has come to life while remote work remains popular.

Moven uudistunut ja moderni aula
Move’s renovated lobby welcomes you to every workday.

– Although the spread of remote work has affected the occupancy rate of offices, there is always strong demand for the most desirable locations. Pitäjänmäki has long been among the challenging districts in terms of the use of office properties. As for Move, the occupancy rate has increased strongly. The foundation for this lies in our firm commitment to developing the property. Renewal is essential because the comfort, functionality, and representativeness of the work environment, as well as the versatility of restaurant and wellness services, which meet the requirements of today’s office worker, are increasingly important distinguishing quality factors for both companies looking for office space and real estate investors. Move is a modern and attractive option for those looking for high-quality office premises considering responsibility and well-being aspects, says Outi KymäläinenTrevian‘s Asset Manager.

In autumn 2023, Move’s common spaces were thoroughly renovated, and at the same time, the restaurant Pause opened on the first floor of the building. Move caters to an even more attractive work environment for current and future users through these modifications. Move’s development work has aimed to develop the service offering, improve functionality, and create a concept for high-quality and flexible conversion of office premises. The renovations also help client companies to attract employees back to the office.

Ravintola Pausen laaja buffetpoyta
The restaurant Pause’s buffet table offers healthy and diverse lunches on weekdays.

Companies residing in Move include Elixia, Subway, Restaurant Pause, Finnish Red Cross, 9Lives, CIL Suomi, and Aino Health Management. New companies that have more recently moved to Move include Uudenmaan Mestari-Rakentajat, Flatpay, Worker Etelä-Suomi, Eurolaite, and Compass Group Finland, which also operates the restaurant opened at the beginning of November. The renovation of the large and popular Elixia gym located in Move in the summer of 2024 will also strengthen wellness services. Elixia and Move are committed to long-term close cooperation, focusing on supporting the well-being of the employees of other companies in Move.

Restaurant Pause, operated by Compass Group, serves to Move residents, employees of nearby companies, and residents during office hours. The restaurant also serves users extensively outside of lunchtime by today’s requirements, with healthiness and sustainability values first. The day starts with breakfast, and tasty cafe products are available until the evening. The service continues outside of opening hours with snacks and takeout options.

– We are happy to take part in creating a homelike, cozy meeting place in the Move office property. Sustainability and well-being are the most important cornerstones in our operations, says Anna-Liisa Ojala, Account Manager from Compass Group.

For additional information, please contact:

Outi Kymäläinen
Asset Manager
Trevian Asset Management
0400 311 149

Move is a modern office property in Helsinki’s Pitäjänmäki managed by Trevian Asset Management. Trevian has been responsible for the property’s comprehensive management, development, and leasing since autumn 2022. Move offers flexible office spaces with well-being-supporting services and sports facilities for the tenant employees. Move’s premises are on six floors in two wings, with three more floors underground. In total, the building has 10,000 m2 of leasable space. Companies residing in move include, e.g., Elixia, Subway, Restaurant Pause, Compass Group Finland, Finnish Red Cross, 9Lives, CIL Finland, Uudenmaan Mestari-Rakentajat, Aino Health Management, Worker Etelä-Suomi, Flatpay, and Eurolaite. www.movepitajanmaki.fi/index.php/en/

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