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Trevian market review 2024

Trevian has released a market review that reflects our views and evaluations on the development of the real estate markets in Finland. The review is based on market data, trends visible in our own business activities, and our long-standing experience in the real estate sector.

“In Finland, properties were acquired with yield requirements as low as three percent before the acceleration of inflation. After the rise in interest rates, such transactions became unviable. As such, the real estate transactions in the past year mainly involved sellers under pressure to sell, particularly from specialized investment funds facing high redemption demands, which exceeded fund subscriptions for the first time in their history. In addition, selling pressures have emerged from difficulties in refinancing maturing loans or the closure of funds reaching their term.”

To read the full compact market review, download below.

Markkinanäkemys 2024_FI

MarketReview 2024_EN

The next market review 2024 will be published in August.

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