Code of Conduct

Materiality Analysis

Anti-bribery Policy

Guidelines for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

Business Continuity Plan


Supplier Code and Principles

Information Security Policy

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement of the Recruitment System

Privacy Policy of the Whisleblower Channel

We comply with the laws and official regulations in force in Trevian’s operations. Trevian Asset Management Oy’s ethical business principles complement the laws and regulations to be followed and inform our way of working. Trevian Asset Management Oy is politically and religiously uncommitted.

Every employee of Trevian Asset Management Oy must know the business guidelines and act in accordance with them. Going through the ethical business guidelines is part of the orientation at the beginning of the employment relationship, and employees’ skills are regularly maintained.

Responsible operation is based on our values, which are working together, courage, ability to listen to the customer, independence and responsibility. Our responsible business is supported by Trevian’s policies and the business continuity plan for serious disruption and crisis situations.

The ethical business principles is approved annually by the board of Trevian Asset Management Oy.
Latest approval was on 28 February 2024.


The task of the compliance team is to assist Trevian’s management and business operations

  • in risk management related to the operating environment,
  • monitor compliance with laws, regulations and regulations,
  • compliance with internal instructions and procedures, and
  • for its part, develop internal control.

The most common areas of the responsibility function are ESG-oriented (Environment, Social and Governance), such as promoting environmental and social responsibility, preventing bribery and corruption and money laundering (AML/KYC), ensuring compliance with sanctions, compliance with competition legislation, ensuring the implementation of employment rights.