The materiality analysis identified the material issues of Trevian’s corporate responsibility that bring added value to our stakeholders, the environment and society. The analysis took into account issues such as the client survey we commissioned among our investor clients and the expectations that it identified regarding Trevian’s activities.  

The most important themes in Trevian’s corporate responsibility: 

  1. Energy efficiency  

Our goal is to improve the properties’ energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint (or greenhouse gas emissions) in collaboration with property users and owners.  

  • Energy consumption in the properties can be reduced by systematically monitoring energy consumption and addressing any observed changes in consumption by utilising technology and smart solutions. 
  • Energy efficiency is improved in renovation and refurbishment projects and, should the owner so wish, also in sustainability certification projects and specific energy projects. 
  • Renewable energy is used wherever possible. 
  • Energy efficiency is considered a part of all services used in the properties  
  1. Health and safety 

Our goal, in terms of our own properties as well as the properties we manage, is to ensure that the work environment is designed and constructed in such a manner that it is safe to work in and move around, while taking into account the physical, mental and social needs of our employees.  

  • The planning and construction of work environments comply with health and safety standards and instructions, health and safety management standards and the latest research data related to the development of work environments.  
  1. Responsible partnerships and supply chains  

Our goal is for our partners to comply with Trevian´s Code of Conduct as well as applicable laws and regulations.  

  • The service agreements we enter into include conditions for compliance with Trevian´s  Code of Conduct, and before entering into any agreements we ensure that the service provider has fulfilled its social responsibilities. 

Approved by Trevian Asset Management Oy Board of Directors on 28 February 2024.