Asset Acquisition

Our real estate acquisition advisory service stands out as one of our key services. We provide expert-level guidance to our clients throughout their purchase and sales transactions.

We actively reach out to our extensive customer base, keeping them informed about potential investment opportunities that align with their investment strategies and criteria. Our annual transaction volume is over €200 million.


Our proactive approach ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. We conduct thorough analysis, including pricing assessments, risk analysis, and return calculations, tailored to each specific investment opportunity.

Comprehensive property business plans are developed in close collaboration between investors and our asset managers. Our in-depth research on potential investment targets enables us to recommend properties that align closely with our clients’ investment strategies. As part of our daily business plan implementation, we continually analyze and evaluate market trends, anticipating future changes that may impact investment decisions.

Capital Acquisition and Financing

In the past five years, we have successfully arranged deals totaling over 1 billion euros. When necessary, we assist our clients in securing the required capital and arranging financing, particularly with local financial institutions.

Technical Analysis

Our experienced and appreciated experts in technical services are present throughout the sales process. Before the purchase of a property, they conduct a thorough technical analysis of the property.

This type of technical analysis is a significant contribution to a profitable investment project.

Due Diligence & Documentation

We conduct several transactions annually, where we provide support to our investor clients in the due diligence process and its documentation.

We organize commercial due diligence surveys and reports for our clients. Throughout the due diligence process, we also act as advisors between our investor clients and third parties, offering expert technical support.

JV structures

We work with our investor clients to establish suitable ownership structures on a case-by-case basis. These include options such as joint venture, unit trust, and fund structures.


We provide comprehensive advisory services in both acquisition and sales transactions, as is evident in our annual transaction volume, which exceeds 200 million euros.

With our extensive experience, we utilize our experts’ insights to assess the suitability of potential transaction targets based on our clients’ investment strategies and criteria. Acquisition, asset management, promotion, and exit costs are determined at the time of purchase.

Investment Strategy

Along with our other services, we provide support to our clients in developing new investment strategies to strategically expand and adjust their investment portfolios.

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