Asset Disposal

Our real estate asset disposal service is one of our core services. We provide expert-level guidance to our clients throughout their purchase and sales transactions.

We actively contact our broad customer base, keeping them informed about potential investment opportunities that align with their investment strategies and criteria. Our annual transaction volume is over €200 million.

Exit Strategy

Together with our investments management experts and clients, we develop a comprehensive exit strategy that covers various areas. Our objective is to ensure the best possible value for our clients by leveraging our extensive investor network.

The components of the exit strategy include leasing, property refurbishment, development of new tenant services and service providers, as well as marketing campaigns. We aim to assist our clients in creating a comprehensive and efficient exit plan that meets their specific needs and objectives.


Our marketing team supports asset management, investment management, and leasing according to the business plan. Marketing for asset management and leasing includes, among other high-quality services, the development of the marketing and brand strategy, creation of the marketing plans for properties, and rebranding.

The Asset Management of Challenging Properties

Together with our asset managers and technical experts an exit plan is formed, which describes actions needed for the sale of the property.

These actions may include implementing investment projects, selecting and monitoring contractors, managing other service providers, and leasing and marketing vacant premises. Our goal is to assist our clients in preparing the property for sale and to professionally exercise these planned actions.

Due Diligence & Documentation

We conduct several transactions annually, where we provide support to our investor clients in the due diligence process and its documentation.

We organize commercial due diligence surveys and reports for our clients. Throughout the due diligence process, we also act as advisors between our investor clients and third parties, offering expert technical support.


We provide comprehensive advisory services in both acquisition and sales transactions, as is evident in our annual transaction volume, which exceeds 200 million euros.

With our extensive experience, we utilize our experts’ insights to assess the suitability of potential transaction targets based on our clients’ investment strategies and criteria. Acquisition, asset management, promotion, and exit costs are determined at the time of purchase.

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