Asset Management

Trevian’s asset management services are conducted in close partnership with investors and tenants to find tailored solutions for our clients that align with their objectives and specific needs while also delivering substantial value to their businesses. Optimal commercial development effective leasing of the properties under our management is supported by close collaboration with industry experts and partners.

Trevian’s key areas of expertise include property leasing, marketing, technical management, ESG services, and property development.


Business Plan Development and Implementation

The business plan is the basis for our daily operations. Together with investors we create business plans to enhance asset values. Where an investor has already developed a business plan for a property, we implement the plan according to the agreed budget and timetable.

Technical Management

Trevian offers a wide variety of technical management services which correspond to the high expectations and requirements of our clients regarding technical solutions and ESG objectives. Trevian is committed to adhering to ever-stricter regulations, verifying the transparency and impartialness of contracting, and effectively managing the technical maintenance and repairs of the properties under our care.

In addition to managing property maintenance and technical administration for asset managers and investors, our technical management services include budgeting and monitoring, energy efficiency optimization, and monitoring contractor obligations. Long-term Plans, Technical Due Diligence, and ESG services are also tailored to fit the exact needs of our clients.

Sustainability / ESG

Sustainability is a key part of our operations at all levels. Our real estate asset management considers all environmental, social, and governance criteria that have been defined jointly with the investor.

Assisted by specialist consultants, we develop and execute ESG-plans and certificates, such as GRESB and BREEAM. In addition, we monitor the responsibilities and obligations of contractors along with the social responsibilities and obligations determined by the government and company policies.


Leasing is our core competence. We negotiate new lease agreements and renew existing lease agreements. In addition, we work closely with an extensive network of real estate agents.

Tenant satisfaction is actively monitored as we work closely with tenants to ensure the stability of the long-term occupancy rate.

We organize and manage lease administration and implement the tenant KYC process as part of AML compliance. Additionally, we provide KPI reports and analyses related to rent and lease agreements.

Financial Management and Reporting

The Trevian company structure and the pertaining legislation form the basis of our business administration services.

Our property administration team excels at essential corporate administration services including the management and organization of minutes for board and general meetings and anti-money laundering and sanction compliance audits.


Our marketing team supports asset management, investment management, and leasing according to the business plan. Marketing for asset management and leasing includes, among other high-quality services, the development of the marketing and brand strategy, creation of the marketing plans for properties, and rebranding.

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