Trevian Asset Management Oy complies with laws and regulations and its ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct) in its business activities. We do not accept any illegal or unethical activity and we take seriously any suspicions related to potentially illegal or unethical activity and we encourage you to report them to our us whenever there are grounds for doing so. 

We encourage our stakeholders to report any misconduct. With this early warning system, we promote ethical business and maintain the trust of our customers and partners and reduce risks related to abuse. 

Our ethical channel, or Whistleblower channel, is a tool for maintaining ethical principles and trust. This channel complies with Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report violations of European Union legislation and the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers. 

Through the Whistleblower channel, our employees, customers, suppliers and representatives of other stakeholders can confidentially and anonymously report suspected crimes, violations or misconduct, for example: 

  • bribery, corruption and money laundering 
  • informal or gray economy 
  • action against competition law or unfair competition 
  • action against environmental and occupational safety legislation 
  • action against data protection legislation 
  • acting against product, food and drug safety legislation 
  • interfering with employees’ rights 
  • discrimination, threats or pressure 
  • unilateral weakening of work tasks 
  • other violations of the law or our ethical principles. 

Notifications must be made in good faith. Making intentional false statements is prohibited and may result in legal sanctions. 

The Whistleblower channel is provided by an external service provider (Suomen Tunnistetieto Oy) to guarantee its confidentiality. The system is password protected. When submitting a notification, the notifier receives a link that enables the notifier to follow the processing of the notification. 

Notifications sent in the service can only be accessed by specified employees. At Trevian Asset Management Oy, these employees are the members of the designated Compliance team. All notifications are processed quickly, impartially and confidentially. We always take measures to stop any misconduct violating the laws and our Code of Conduct on a case-by-case basis and in an appropriate manner. 

You can submit your identity or send a report anonymously. We recommend leaving your contact information enabling us to contact you during the investigation process, if necessary. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the controller’s legitimate interest and the promotion and maintenance of good governance (e.g., compliance with rules and laws). You can find more information about data collection and processing on the page privacy policy of the ethical channel i.e., whistleblower channel.