Property managers and project managers are responsible for property acquisitions and their continuous monitoring, and they maintain their expertise related to the environment and social issues through training regularly by their own company.

One of our goals is to increase the transparency of procurement and to inform service providers, designers and contractors operating in real estate of the principles related to our responsible operation (Code of Conduct), then we can be even more systematic in risk assessments and supplier audits based on assessments. We pay particular attention to human rights and are committed to ensuring that there is no forced labor or human trafficking in our operations and supply chains. We require that the service providers commit to our principles and the principles are part of the contract.

In order to make it possible to follow the transparency of the supply chain and ensure that the instructions for responsible procurement of the chain are followed, the maximum chain length we allow is 2 times.

We also include the most important supplier requirements in contracts binding suppliers. Contract violations or repeated delays may lead to the termination of the supplier relationship.

Subscriber Liability Act
The law on the client’s reporting obligation and responsibility when using external labor (22.12.2006/1233), better known as the client’s liability act, obliges the client to establish that his contractual partners fulfill their statutory obligations as contractual parties and employers. The law requires the customer to request and the contractual partner to provide the customer with information and reports that are no more than three (3) months old:

  • An explanation of whether the company is registered in the advance collection register and the employer register according to the Advance Collection Act (1118/1996), as well as in the VAT register according to the Value Added Tax Act (1501/1993).
  • Trade register extract.
  • A statement that the company does not have a tax debt as referred to in section 20 b, subsection 1, point 2 of the Act on Disclosure and Confidentiality of Taxation Information (1346/1999) or a statement from the authority on the amount of the tax debt.
  • Certificates of taking out employee pension insurance and paying pension insurance premiums, or a statement that a payment agreement for overdue pension insurance premiums has been made.
  • Explanation of the collective agreement or key working conditions applicable to the job.
  • Report on the organization of occupational health care.
  • Regarding the organization of statutory accident insurance in the construction industry.

Supplier Code and Principles

If the contracting party is a foreign company

If the employee’s employer or the party to the subcontracting agreement is a foreign company, the information corresponding to reports and certificates according to the Customer Liability Act must be submitted as register extracts according to the legislation of the country of establishment or with a similar certificate or in another generally acceptable way.

The foreign party to the contract must also submit the reports in accordance with subsection 1, points 1 and 3, if the foreign company acting as a party to the contract has a company and community information code referred to in the Business and Community Information Act (244/2001). If a foreign contracting party sends posted workers referred to in Section 1, Subsection 2, Clauses 1 and 3 of the Act on Workers Sent to Finland (sent worker), the client must find out the determination of the employees’ social security at the latest before starting the work in accordance with the contract referred to in this law.

In addition to section 5, subsection 2, the client’s obligation to provide information related to construction activities also includes the obligation to establish that all posted workers have valid certificates of the determination of the workers’ social security before they start work. (22.5.2015/678)

The property and project manager’s responsibility in relation to the Customer Liability Act

We require all our service providers and contractors to belong to the Vastuu Group service. If, due to the location of the object and the lack of contractors, the operator in question cannot be found, in that case we require the contractor to deliver the documents under the Contractor’s Liability Act before ordering the work.

The property manager is responsible for updating, maintaining and monitoring the situation of the property limited company’s contractual partners through Vastuu Group’s Trusted partner service. Quarterly, the property manager must report quarterly to Trevian on the situation of the contract partners by property.

According to the Contractor’s Liability Act, the project manager is responsible for checking the information before the start of the contract. In addition, if the contract lasts more than 12 months, the subscriber liability information must be re-examined every 12 months and a report sent to Trevia’s contact person.