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Iso Paja in Helsinki advances towards operational carbon neutrality – Trevian and owners integrate hybrid power plant in property energy solutions

Iso Paja, located in Helsinki, is set to implement a hybrid power plant into the property heating solution. This initiative is part of an energy solution pilot led by the owners of Iso Paja and Trevian Asset Management, with the objective of improving the energy efficiency of the property. By utilizing a hybrid power plant and intelligent control systems, the usage of thermal energy in the property can be optimized, and energy consumption peaks can be addressed. Introducing an innovative and more eco-friendly heating system in the property is an essential part of the long-term sustainability strategy of the owners of Iso Paja. The owners of Iso Paja include Yle Pension Fund, Pharmacy Pension Fund, and Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy.

In the energy pilot, heating is generated by a hybrid power plant utilizing renewable energy sources. The heating solution consolidates various energy sources, such as heat pump-generated energy, renewable solar energy, and recovered waste heat. Intelligent control systems and energy storage enable the optimization of heating, considering factors such as energy price fluctuations and energy consumption peaks. Furthermore, the system increases the self-sufficiency of the property in the event of any possible national electricity shortages.

Iso Paja rakennuksen julkisivu kesällä
Iso Paja is located in Pasila, Helsinki.

Iso Paja offers approximately 18,000 m2 of office space for lease, with its eco-efficiency certified by BREEAM. The credentials underscoring the sustainability of Iso Paja include the BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015 certification. Currently, Iso Paja is pursuing the BREEAM In-Use V6 certification, enhancing transparency and providing confidence to investors relating to sustainable practices.

– Trevian specializes in creating tailored solutions to enhance the energy efficiency of existing properties while considering both the technical and financial aspects. We work closely with property owners to deliver proactive solutions that align with the increasing demand for sustainability from tenants, while also ensuring transparent reporting. We always strive to build solutions that provide the best possible outcome for our customers, says Elisa Loitto, Trevian’s Business Director.

– According to the standards set by the EU taxonomy, a property that is in use must meet certain criteria, including being highly energy-efficient and primarily powered by renewable energy sources. This implies that the carbon footprint of each asset must be tracked, and its long-term sustainability must be evaluated. With the help of the energy solution piloted in the property, Iso Paja will achieve operational carbon neutrality. This concept can also enhance the energy efficiency of several other properties managed by Trevian, says Matti Niemi, Trevian’s technical manager.

– Sustainability has been a central theme in the development work of Iso Paja. Actively monitoring the carbon footprint, optimizing energy efficiency, and achieving carbon neutrality are essential to implementing the sustainability strategy of the property. Sustainability is also a fundamental part of the Pharmacy Pension Fund’s mission as an investor. The fund aims to reduce its environmental impact by lowering its carbon footprint in its operations and direct real estate investments. Significant progress has already been made in Iso Paja, says Antti Jäntti, Head of Real Estate Investment of Pharmacy Pension Fund.

Iso Paja, completed in 1993, is a renowned office property in Helsinki, Finland. Its owners include the Yle Pension Fund, Pharmacy Pension Fund, and Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy. Trevian Asset Management is responsible for leasing and developing Iso Paja in collaboration with the property owners. www.isopaja.fi/en

Trevian Asset Management is a Finnish real estate investment and asset management company focused on commercial and residential real estate, owned by its key personnel. We offer full-service asset management and structured investment services throughout the whole investment lifecycle. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks, and other professional investors. Trevian’s assets under management is 1.2B€. www.trevian.fi/en

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