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Trevian takes strides towards operational carbon neutrality in properties under their management

Trevian Asset Management is implementing more robust ESG measures in its real estate asset management strategies to ensure a quick transition towards operational carbon neutrality in Trevian-managed properties. The primary objective is to develop future-proof solutions that align with investor and tenant carbon neutrality goals. To achieve this, Trevian will implement a hybrid power plant concept, which will significantly reduce the maintenance costs of the properties and facilitate a transition towards carbon neutrality. The company aims to introduce the first thermal energy solutions in 2024 as part of their ESG initiatives.

– The importance of sustainability in the real estate industry has significantly increased in recent years. The European Union has implemented several regulations defining sustainable business practices, especially regarding environmental and nature protection. In the real estate sector, energy and eco-efficiency measures and the related reporting, in compliance with the appropriate taxonomy, will increasingly direct funding towards properties that support sustainable development in the future, says Trevian CEO Reima Södervall.

Although the technologies used for energy efficiency measures have been available for a while, Trevian’s hybrid power plant concept is unique.

– Real estate investors and financiers increasingly demand that real estate development aligns with sustainable development principles and metrics. The key is to ensure the long-term sustainability of properties, which Trevian addresses by tailoring customized solutions for each property. The hybrid power plant concept is a significant step towards operational carbon neutrality while also reducing maintenance costs, says Kim Särs, Trevian’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Factors such as the price of district heating and electricity, the age of the property, any protection regulations it may be subject to, its location in an urban area, and average weather conditions can influence which solution is the most optimal for a property. Hybrid solutions for energy efficiency can combine technologies such as heat pumps, solar panels, hybrid panels, geothermal heat, and heat recovery.

– Trevian possesses extensive knowledge in the fields of economics and technical real estate asset management. Our analyses consider the macro-level economic environment, future trends, and legislative changes. Additionally, we highly value the customer experience of the property and its users. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the properties, the wishes and needs of stakeholders, and allows us to choose the right strategy for each property, says Trevian’s Business Director, Elisa Loitto.

Trevian Asset Management is a Finnish real estate investment and asset management company focused on commercial and residential real estate, owned by its key personnel. We offer full-service asset management and structured investment services throughout the whole investment lifecycle. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks, and other professional investors. Trevian’s assets under management is 1.2B€. www.trevian.fi/en


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