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Trevian’s office wins Rakli’s Workplace Awards 2023

Trevian’s new Erottaja2 office was recently awarded joint first place in the Physical Work Environment category at RAKLI’s Workplace Awards 2023. Designed in collaboration with the design agency Flock, the office was particularly praised for the investment in cognitive ergonomics, the homely atmosphere, and the office renewal that respects the historical elements of the building.

Rakli’s and IFMA Finland’s Workplace Awards sought the best working environments in the categories of responsibility, new tools and technologies, corporate culture, and physical work environment. This year, the annual competition attracted an impressive 27 participants. Trevian participated in the Physical Work Environment category with its office located in the Erottaja2 property.

Trevian’s new premises in Erottaja2 have been designed to meet the changing spatial needs brought on by the recent pandemic. The goal was to create an office where people come first and foremost to meet colleagues and customers, but which also offers a calm environment for cognitive work. This was supported by a cognitive work project carried out together with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, which aims to support and develop the well-being of employees.

Mies tyoskentelemassa Erottaja2 kiinteistossa

The spatial solutions aimed to provide support for cognitive ergonomics in the space solutions resulting in three different open-plan workspaces based noise levels: a space that encourages collaboration and allows speech, a space that allows muffled sounds suitable for calm work, and a quiet space suitable for independent work.

“Trevian’s new premises represent an ambitious response to the space needs brought about by the pandemic. The goal of our project was to create a home-like office environment that emphasizes encounters between colleagues and customers and a peaceful atmosphere for cognitive work. Our cognitive work project, carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, was an essential part of this process. We continuously strive to support and promote the well-being of our employees, and we firmly believe that Erottaja2’s premises support our goal,” says Tiina Kaakkolahti, HR Director at Trevian.


The design for the new office was created by the design agency Flock. The interior of the office uses a strong color scheme that nurtures both creativity and courage. The new office is attractive and comfortable, and work is multi-locational, flexible, and communal.

The jury particularly praised the home-like atmosphere of the office, which makes the workspace a comfortable and inspiring place to work. The office spaces are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere that fosters creativity and a sense of community. The old architecture of the house was respected by renewing the premises in a grand and delicate way.

“The goal was to make the staff feel comfortable in the new workspaces and offer them the best possible working spaces. The design focused especially on the purpose of the premises so that they would serve different working methods. The design principles were homely, inspiring, creating atmosphere. The colour palette was compiled from strong tones, respecting the architecture of the building, and almost all the old furniture was reused, upholstered and with a new look,” says Flock’s architect Anna Kyyhkynen.

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Congratulations to all the winners!

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