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Trevian expands the hybrid power plant concept to logistics and office properties in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Trevian Asset Management expands its large-scale energy efficiency investments launched in 2024 to several properties under their management. As a concrete measure, Trevian will invest in hybrid power plants, which offer a cost-effective way to achieve substantial savings in energy costs and the primary energy needs of the properties. These solutions are scheduled to be implemented by the end of summer 2024 at three logistics and office locations in the Helsinki metropolitan area in cooperation with Geonova Oy, owned by Helen and Lämpöykkönen.

The strategic objective of Trevian’s ESG investments is to create long-term sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for properties. These investments also contribute to meeting the carbon neutrality goals of the investors and the property users.

– The hybrid power plant project is a key component in Trevian’s ESG roadmap. It represents a positive challenge that showcases how innovative technology solutions can transform existing properties to utilize renewable energy. We customize the right solution for each property to ensure the effectiveness of the selected ESG measures, says Trevian’s technical manager, Matti Niemi.

Factors such as the price of district heating and electricity, the age of the property, any protection regulations it may be subject to, its location, average weather conditions, and its future use can influence which solution is the most optimal for a property. Hybrid solutions for energy efficiency can combine technologies such as heat pumps, solar panels, hybrid panels, building automation, and heat recovery. The implementation for the three properties located in the Finnish capital region is carried out in cooperation with the energy sector service company Geonova, which is owned by Lämpöykkönen, the leading expert in the Finnish heat pump market, and Finland’s second-largest energy company, Helen.

– This concept, implemented with hybrid power plants, effectively combines Trevian’s real estate asset management’s financial and technical expertise. We are considering expanding the concept to several other Trevian-managed properties. Through this initiative, we actively participate in building a sustainable future within the real estate industry., says Jussi Raitaniemi, Trevian’s business director.

For more information, please contact:

Jussi Raitaniemi
Business Director
Trevian Asset Management
+358 50 343 8275

Matti Niemi
Technical Manager
Trevian Asset Management
+358 50 453 4870

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