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Trevian and Bayer favor sustainable choices in office premises selection

Selecting sustainability enhancing office spaces is an efficient way for companies to implement environmental responsibility and promote energy efficiency to fight against climate change. Trevian Asset Management has a purposeful goal to obtain an environmental rating in accordance with European standards for all office buildings it manages. This also supports the environmental objectives and sustainable development of the property users. Bayer considers premises solutions as a significant component in achieving its ambitious sustainability targets.

Environmental responsibility is measured in the real estate industry following various rating systems aiming to promote climate goals. Certificates are issued, for example, as proof of environmental efficiency and responsibility. Trevian Asset Management’s concrete climate goal is to achieve a BREEAM certificate for as many of its office buildings as possible. BREEAM is used to assess, among other factors, energy efficiency, material choices, waste management, and environmental management of the properties.

For Bayer, which has selected Sydänpuu, owned by Green Yield Finland, company specialized in green property investments, and leased by Trevian, in Espoo, as its new premises, strong climate goals are essential for the sustainability strategy. Bayer Oy has offices in Turku and Espoo, and the Espoo office also houses the headquarters of Bayer’s Northern European regional organization, Bayer Nordic. Bayer has set itself the global goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and aims to accomplish this, among other things, through sustainable office space solutions.

– Corporations have a significant role to play in mitigating climate change. At Bayer, we want our growth to be both ecologically and economically sustainable and have reduced our carbon footprint by as much as 89 percent in three years, for example, by switching entirely to renewable energy at our Turku production plant. The chosen solutions at the Espoo office premises also contribute to achieving our sustainability targets, says Kati Nyman, Bayer’s Head of Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability in the Nordic region.

– Monitoring the carbon footprint throughout the value chain is an integral part of evaluating the measures taken. Trevian’s role is to support companies like Bayer in their climate targets through sustainable office space solutions. Economic growth and sustainable development are mutually reinforcing; sustainability must be a joint responsibility of all industries and a visible part of each company’s individual business strategy, says Kim Särs, Trevian’s Chief Compliance Officer.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Pukki

Asset Manager, Trevian Asset Management

+358 44 715 0745 | maria.pukki@trevian.fi

Aino Försti-Smith

Head of Communications, Finland, Bayer Nordic SE

+358 20 785 8339 | aino.forsti-smith@bayer.com

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