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Nordika continues its leasing success in Säterinportti Campus by signing a long term lease with Sitowise

Sitowise is concentrating all of its Helsinki operations to Säterinportti and has signed a long term lease for 11,000 sqm.

Nordika has actively, since its acquisition of Säterinportti, established a unique work place inspired by modern campus standards in the US.  A concept where workplace, wellness and comfort all creates an integral mix for the tenants to enjoy time spent in the building. Over the past two years, Säterinportti has experienced a complete transformation, emphasizing employee satisfaction and wellness at work

The success of the concept and the creation of a unique mix in the property, has been demonstrated by the exceptionally fast pace of leasing of the Säterinportti Campus. Its 35,000 sqm of office space are now nearly fully let, just two years after the project started. Nordika has worked successfully with its local partner Trevianto implement Nordika’s concept and ideas.

The location of the Säterinportti Campus is excellent with good access to the ring road and public transportation. The location will improve further, with a new high speed tram opening in 2020 with a stop just outside the Säterinportti Campus.

The business campus includes a unique 1,700 sqm Playgroundarea with a fitness centre and gym, as well as a living room-like meeting place for console gaming, billiards and foosball. Work can also be done in a highly appreciated newly opened café or in the restaurant which only serves locally produced food, as well as in several mobile work stations.

Tenants of the Säterinportti Campus are mainly high-level consultancy and specialist companies. Säterinportti achieved BREEAM sustainability certificate in 2018 and is aiming to be one of the first Well-certified properties in Finland.


Jonas Grandér, CEO of Nordika, comments:

“It is with great satisfaction, we have been able to transform a more or less vacant office property that was gloomy and sad upon take over, into a place where it is now buzzing of activity, life and dynamic energy. To be able to deliver space to people which is superior in its qualities, and yet with a decent price tag is what makes us passionate about our business. The ideas Nordika have introduced and implemented in Säterinportti is far from rocket science, but it is still only a handful of property owners who actively brings this mindset to their properties in order to make them “best in class” for their tenants.”

Sitowise, who formerly had some 300 employees at Säterinportti, will in 2019 centralise all of its Helsinki Metropolitan Area operations at the business campus. The company’s headquarters have been at Säterinportti since 2018. Sitowise is the largest Finnish-owned engineering and consulting company of built environment in Finland.

Sitowise was created through the merger of infrastructure and building design and consulting experts Sito Oy and Wise Group Finland Oy in 2017. Until now, many of its employees have worked at different locations, but the new arrangement will gather all of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area operations at the headquarters.


Aki Puska, Deputy CEO Sitowise, comments: 

We want to show appreciation to our employees also with the choice of premises. The functional office space and the wellness concept of Säterinportti Campus are a perfect fit for us. Sitowise is on a strong growth track and we need a shared office space with excellent traffic connections to strengthen the interaction and workplace comfort and well-being of our more than 800 employees.



Trevian Asset Management Oy was founded in 2012, is a Finnish real estate investment and real estate asset management company, which is owned by its key personnel and produces property management services and funds that are optimised and actively managed according to the needs of its customers. Trevian manages about EUR 1 billion in real estate assets. www.trevian.fi.

Nordika is a non-listed Swedish real estate company owned by Nordic institutions. Its focus is on investments primarily in Sweden and Finland (with flexibility to invest in Denmark and Norway). Since the inception in 2011 Nordika have acquired and managed properties with a value of EUR 550 million. The company have a reputation for its capabilities to stabilize complex assets where Nordika’s creative ideas and the managements ability to implement change, achieves highly-functioning re-positioned properties.

Sitowise is a specialist consulting company with 1,400 personnel that provides its customers the full range of built environment services from planning to expert and digital services under the same roof. Sitowise is the largest Finnish-owned planning and consulting agency in the construction industry, the leading expert in diversified urban projects, and a pioneer in data-driven management and data modelling.