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Agore Properties Sustainability Report 2021 Has Been Published

You can read and download the sustainability report 2021 below.

“At Trevian we want to do our part in sustainable actions and therefore we prioritize climate change mitigation at our managed property assets. We are happy with Agore’s 53% reduction to their carbon footprint and their nearly 60% waste recycling rate, but there’s always room to improve. This report goes into detail about sustainability and concrete actions”, says Trevian CFO Minna Jussila.

This report is Agore’s first sustainability report published on 08.06.2022. The report covers Agore’s sustainability performance for 2021 and covers all the assets owned by Agore. This report follows the principles of GRI reporting.

Agore is not a listed company and does not report its financial performance; this report concentrates on environmental and social aspects.

Ramboll Finland has conducted an external check for this stand-alone sustainability report.

This sustainability report is available only in digital format.

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability report or its content, please contact us through info@trevian.fi.

Read the first seven pages of the report below and download whole report for future readings!

Additonal information:

Jussi Raitaniemi

Jussi Raitaniemi

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