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Trevian Strengthens the Team by Employing 6 Key Personnel

Trevian Asset Management Oy and Trevian Funds AIFM Oy have further strengthened their growth with several recruitments this spring

In just five years, Trevian Asset Management has grown from a team of a few founding members to a Trevian organization of 50 experts. The company’s transaction volume has been on average EUR 200 million a year, and the value of property assets under management is now approaching a billion-euro limit.

“We have been able to increase our net sales, while profitability has remained good. I am also pleased to see the overall growth, internationalization and professionalization of the real estate investment industry. Finland is now increasingly attractive to foreign investors”, said Trevian’s CEO, Reima Södervall.

Head of Controller Team Minna Jussila has, before joining Trevian, been responsible for financial management and reporting of shopping centers and real estate at Barings Real Estate Advisers LLP, and later Hestia. She is M.Sc. (Econ.) from University of Jyväskylä.

HR Director Tiina Kaakkolahti has been working in various HR management positions for twenty years. Prior to joining Trevian, Tiina worked, for example, at Dittmar & Indrenius being in charge of the HR function, and at HR4 Solutions Oy, where she served as Senior Consultant and Account Director. She is LL.M. from University of Turku.

Analyst Nea Vainio has previously worked as an analyst at Cromwell Property Group. She is M.Sc. (Tech.) in Real Estate Economics from Aalto University.

Agore Kiinteistöt, a property investment company managed by Trevian, acquired on 30 April 2018 two new Finnish commercial properties, the Galleria shopping center in Lappeenranta and the Revontuli shopping center in Rovaniemi.

Sari Mustapää joins Trevian from Hestia, continuing as the shopping center manager at Galleria. She has over 10 years of professional experience in shopping center management within various organizations. Sari is a M.Sc. (Econ.) from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Hanne Martimo has worked for five years as Revontuli shopping center manager at Hestia and now holds the same position at Trevian. Hanne has almost a decade of experience in the advertising field, and as a publicist and journalist. By education, Hanne is Master of Arts.

Trevian Funds AIFM Oy has also strengthened the team. Fund Manager Amalia Pöyry moved to Trevian Funds from Logicor Oy, where she worked as an analyst for a good year. Amalia’s responsibility was the internal and external reporting of the portfolio, as well as modeling the Nordic portfolio. Before that Amalia worked at Trevian Asset Management for a few years. Amalia is M.Sc. (Tech.) in Real Estate Economics from Aalto University.

“Trevian holds six regional offices in Oulu, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Lappeenranta, Rovaniemi and Tampere, which is a competitive advantage. The regional offices enable us to cover the whole of Finland, as many international investors seem to consider buying items from outside the Helsinki capital area as well”, said CEO Södervall.

Additional information:
Reima Södervall, CEO
Trevian Asset Management Oy
Tel. +358 50 362 7400
Email: reima.sodervall@trevian.fi


Trevian Asset Management Oy is a Finnish investment and asset management company specializing in commercial properties. The company was established in 2012 and is owned by its key personnel. The company produces actively managed real estate equity funds and asset management services optimized for its customers. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks and other professional investors. Trevian’s assets under management exceed 1.0B€.

Trevian Funds AIFM Oy was established in 2017 and the company was granted a license under the AIFM Directive on 27 June 2017. The company is based on Finland’s strongest property portfolio management expertise. Non-UCITS Trevian Finland Properties I is the first fund to invest in strong cash flow and development potential.