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Trevian wins contract to develop a landmark building in the expanding Helsinki city centre

Trevian Asset Management has recently entered into a comprehensive real estate asset management agreement with Suomen Kuntasäätiö (The Finnish Municipal Foundation) to develop the 18 000 sqm Kallio Kuntatalo (The Kallio Municipal House) in Helsinki. Helsinki’s core districts, such as Kallio, are key development areas whose attractiveness has been promoted, for example, through extensive construction projects and town plan changes. Moreover, these new areas of modern urban culture have already become the most popular residential areas in Helsinki.

Helsinki city centre has expanded to nearby districts in recent years. Trevian’s new development property Kuntatalo is located in Kallio district. The attractiveness of this new downtown area, especially among young people, is based on the good supply of services and entertainment, many parks and the excellent transport connections. Recently, the area has seen several large-scale office development projects shifting the balance from residential towards business.

– Trevian has a strong track record of office development, and this project gives us a great opportunity to enter a new district in Helsinki. We are pleased to add The Finnish Municipal Foundation to our clientele, strengthening our connections to municipalities. Trevian serves the international investors as their local partner and therefore it’s extremely important that we participate in the local area development, creating a pleasant environment for all residents and businesses alike, says Trevian’s asset manager Maria Pukki.

– The building occupies a whole block and therefore it has a significant impact on the development of the area. Key elements of the development plans are to enhance comfort and practical functionality and by the changes in external structures create an enjoyable visual experience. We want to work together with Helsinki city towards a lively district with variation of municipal, business and residential users, says the property owner’s representative Timo Mykkänen.

Trevian Asset Management is a Finnish investment and asset management company specializing in commercial and residential properties. The company was established in 2012 and is owned by its key personnel. The company produces actively managed real estate equity funds and asset management services optimized for its customers. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks, and other professional investors. Trevian’s assets under management near 1.0B€. www.trevian.fi/en/

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