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Trevian to establish a real estate development company

Trevian Asset Management Oy has established a new subsidiary, Trevian Development Oy, of which Trevian Asset Management also owns the majority. Trevian Development focuses initially on managing a wide range of real estate development projects, such as offices and retail premises and housing projects, which are managed by the Trevian Group, or real estate development projects owned by the funds within Trevian.

The other founding shareholder of the new subsidiary is Realidea Oy, as a minority shareholder.

”Realidea provides the company with analytical planning experience and management resources in construction. Realidea’s strong expertise combined with Trevian’s asset and real estate management creates exceptional opportunities for us to develop real estate even more persistently and comprehensively. This enables the full utilization of the development potential, and ensures the best value for our investors,” said Reima Södervall, Chairman of the Board of Trevian Asset Management.

“Together with Trevian Asset Management Oy, we will be able to monitor better the social dimension, technical feasibility and economic realities of the development projects, from the point of view of property ownership and ecological maintenance of real estate. Our co-operation covers commercial surveying and evaluation tasks related to urban and project planning as well as real estate development, taking the end user and leasing into account,” said Pasi Nieminen, CEO of Realidea.

Olli Kovanen has been appointed Managing Director of Trevian Development Oy starting from September 1st, 2018. He has held the position of Real Estate Development Manager at Trevian Asset Management since 2016.

For more information:
Reima Södervall, CEO, phone 050 362 7400, e-mail: reima.sodervall@trevian.fi

Realidea Oy is an independent real estate consultancy company, owned 100% by the founding partners. Established in 2018, the core expertise of Realidea is in comprehensive, property, project and concept development. Services include the entire value chain of real estate development. www.realidea.fi