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KTI pre-seminar

The renaissance palace Erottaja2 was filled with an international crowd on 8 May 2019. KTI (Kiinteistötieto), BlackRock and Trevian arranged a pre-seminar which set the tone for the KTI-Nordic seminar the next day. We were lucky to have many international guests at our event and the wonderful venue provided a beautiful backdrop for the information packed day. Erottaja2 will be completely renovated next fall and the new offices will be filled with tenants in 2021. The ground level will house 3–6 restaurants.

The pre-seminar got a lot of praise among the audience as well as from KTI. The joint opinion was that these kinds of events should be arranged in the future as well. Helsingin Sanomat wrote an article about the event (in Finnish).  Trevian’s Marketing and Communications Director Daniel Tuori opened the seminar. The stage was full of expterise as KTI’s Hanna Kaleva, BlackRock Real Assets Vice President Victor Persson, Trevian’s Risto Vuorenrinne and Trevian Funds AIFM’s Jussipekka Aumo took the stage.

Finnish Property Market on Foreign Investor’s Radar

KTI’s Hanna Kaleva talked about the trends and future of the Finnish property market. The market is growing steadily and even foreign actors are becoming more and more active in Finland. At the moment, the residential sector is performing especially well and living as tenant is increasing its popularity.

KTI:n Hanna Kaleva avasi Suomen kiinteistömarkkinoiden näkymiä yleisölle

BlackRock Vice President Victor Persson talked about the Finnish and the Nordic property market. According to Persson, the Nordics are a sizeable and interesting market. Finland has a stable economic situation which makes the market attractive to foreign investors. Especially the office sector is on foreign investor’s radar at the moment.

Sustainability and Property

Trevian’s Risto Vuorenrinne focused on the future of online grocery shopping. The growth of online grocery shopping has been slow to date, and the benefits of shopping for food online are yet to be seen. AI as part of online shopping could mean more timely and accurate response to consumer needs. Moving to online shopping could also provide opportunities for more efficient storing of goods. The growth of online grocery shopping requires popular density and the right kind of infrastructure, both of which are a challenge in Finland.

Jussipekka Aumo kertoi Trevian Rahastot AIFM:n tulevaisuudesta taistelussa ilmastonmuutosta vastaan

Trevian Funds AIFM’s Jussipekka Aumo gave the audience a glimpse into the future when he stepped onto the stage to present the commintments Trevian Funds AIFM is making to help battle climate change. Properties are a source of emissions, but it is possible to find tools to reduce them.