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Attention! A fake website acting in the name of the Trevian


We have discovered that there is a suspected fake website acting in the name of the Trevian Asset Management Oy: URL (https://www.trevianassetmg.com/). Make sure that you will not visit the site nor fill in any information that is requested on this suspected fake site.

This website utilizes the name and reputation of the Trevian Asset Management Oy and is clearly designed to cheat visitors to sign-up and give their name, email address, as well as Money Wallet, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT (ERC 20) and TRON(TRX) account IDs.

Trevian Asset Management Oy has taken steps to have the fraudulent website blocked, informed the National Cybersecurity Centre and made police report in order to initiate criminal investigation. We also continue our our own investigation on the matter.

Trevian Asset Management follows laws and regulations and ethical guidelines set by its Code of Conduct and Information Security Policy. Our company does not condone illegal or unethical practices and we report any misconduct.

Edit 30.9.2021: Due to our taken actions, the fake website has deleted.