About Trevian

Trevian is a Finnish management-owned real estate asset management company

PHOTO: A Trevian view from Tullintori Shopping Center Tampere: The most populous inland city in the Nordic region is home to the Tuulintori shopping centre. Within just a couple of minutes walk are the railway station, the university campus, the largest concert and congress centre in the Nordic countries, and the world’s one and only Moomin museum. At Trevian it’s not enough to know only about our properties, real value comes from knowing our community.

About Trevian

We offer real estate investment and asset management services as your local strategic partner. We provide actively managed real estate equity funds and asset management services individually optimized for our customers to maximize the value of their business. Established in 2012, Trevian is an independent company with €1 billion of assets under management. We continue to grow and are constantly seeking new investment opportunities.


We know how to make property generate revenue and we know what affects value

Tenant relations are the core of our approach. We listen and help tenants evolve together with the property, their well-being makes the asset interesting.

We also take care of the property management of the assets, managing the properties as if they were our own. At Trevian 75 % of our employees are concentrated solely on asset management, which allows us to directly affect the asset values. We operate across Finland with offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Espoo, Kuopio, Rovaniemi, Lappeenranta and Mikkeli.

We practice long-term sustainable real estate asset management. We believe that all properties have the potential to generate revenue if they are comprehensively managed and administered to add value to their surroundings. We want to be an active part of making the world a better place by following the principles of sustainability in all our work. Our clients are institutional investors of different sizes as well as other professional investors especially from Finland, the Nordics and Europe. Today our total Assets Under Management (AUM) is around €1 billion and we aspire to be the most respected partner in the real estate sector.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategy


Trevian is the most respected Nordic real estate partner.


Trevian connects the best properties, businesses and services with the best people while enabling social sustainability.

The building blocks of Trevian’s strategy

The best working community
The best people
Sustainable increase of value
Management of the whole value chain
Profitable growth
Trusted Trevian brand




Trevian is the result of the common dream of its founding partners: a workplace that is pleasant to work at, without hierarchy and unnecessary formality. We appreciate everyone and care for each other. Together we are more successful.


How do we exceed the expectations of our clients? By being courageous and open-minded in decision making. It also requires curiosity: How do we solve problems in a new way? Courage requires freedom, freedom requires trust and the taking and giving of responsibility.


Our clients are investors and tenants. In order to generate value, we work to understand their business and acknowledge their needs and expectations. To meet and even exceed these needs and expectations we react quickly and flexibly.


Decisions that are made in the client’s best interest require independent operations in which we are the client’s representative and no one else’s.


Our work is fully transparent and ethically sustainable. We take the environment into account both in our work and in the property we manage.




Reporting misconduct

Trevian Asset Management follows laws and regulations and ethical guidelines set by its Code of Conduct. Our company does not condone illegal or unethical practices and we encourage our stakeholders to report any misconduct. Through this early warning system we foster high business ethics and maintain customer trust, and reduce risks for misconduct. You do not need proof to back up your suspicions, but whistleblowing reports must be made in good faith.

Suspected misconduct can be reported confidentially and anonymously here.

Whistleblowing reports are processed confidentially by Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and a Compliance Team. No one else has access to the reports.

Working at Trevian

Our high performance is driven by our unique team

Our engaged, highly skilled and motivated people are our strongest asset.  Trevian´s business excellence and success is built on the diverse and unique strengths of each team member. Our values and mission are reflected in everything we do.

We are constantly looking for highly talented individuals that bring the best skills and expertise to a role and our amazing team. This is not based solely on technical ability; we also look for an ability to share our values, work as part of our team and to collaborate seamlessly with our clients and other business partners.

Bring your charisma, your insights, your unique skills, and join the team.

Current open positions

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Our awards

Trevian Asset Management

#2 Investment Management Services in Finland

Trevian Asset Management

#1 Investment Management Services in Finland

Trevian Asset Management

#2 Investment Management Services in Finland