The third part of the Turku trilogy, the Varissuo musical, premiered at the Turku City Theatre on 7 September. As the name suggests, the events of the musical directed by Mikko Kouki take place in the Varissuo suburb in Turku.

Trevian Finland Properties I special investment fund acquired the Varissuo shopping centre property in May. The shopping centre is a popular meeting point and a second living room of the local community. Trevian wants to further develop the property to cater for the needs of local residents and business owners, as well as anyone in the Turku area.

“Our goal is to create a space, where it is easy for people to meet each other and run their errands. We were excited to notice the Varissuo musical in Turku City Theatre’s programme. Naturally, we will be going to see the show in September, together with Trevian’s team and the business owners at the Varissuo shopping centre”, Kari Kolu, CEO of Trevian Funds AIFM comments.


Further information about the musical (in Finnish) can be found on Turku City Theatre’s website: